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Introduction Of Chulu Elementary School

Chulu elementary school has a history of 95 years which was founded on May first ,1921.

Our school is located in the eastern section of East Rift Valley which is close to the nine-line highway. There are many famous attractions near our school, for example,the well-known "Chulu Ranch", “Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden”,“Palan Site”, “Honye Hot Springs” and etc.

Our school district contains three villages such as Chulu,Ming Feng,and Ka Fung. There are six classes for primary school tudents as well as one class for preschool. There are 149 students in total 120 students in the primary school and 29 tudents in preschool. A companies by 22 staff members in our school.

There are 67 aboriginal students in our primary school including the Puyuma,Ami,Paiwan,Bunun,Atayal. The majority are Puyuma. There are 53 students who are Taiwanese and Hakka,however,the majority are Taiwanese. The occupation of parents are farmers r laborers with seventy percent vulnerable households.

The vision of the school is “Love, Life and Happy Learning”.
1. Love (Concerning Students) :
We hope to create a warm,caring environment for students to be compassionate and respect people within our community.
2. Life ( Development Of Characteristics):
We teach students to have a healthy body and mind which allows them to solve problems independently.
3.Happy learning (To Enhance Academic Ability):
We hope to create a lively and warm learning environment to stimulate growth of students' mind.

After the inception of Taiwan, 15 principals of our school have worked hard with faculty staff and local residents to reative infrastructures and facilities.

Our school has been promoting in recent years.Under the guidance of the school 's vision, we emphasis reading,character pment and student awareness. We value every student so that they can develop their potential and cultivate their talents to become the modern citizen of the future.